We've got a little while longer to wait for 2.5D sci-fi retro-futuristic action platformer Replaced, as its Xbox Game Pass launch has been pushed back to 2023 due to "the continued war in Ukraine heavily impacting development".

In a statement, the Belarusian based developer explained that the team is made up of developers from Belarus and Ukraine, and "the priority for Sad Cat Studios was for the safety of the team and their families".

As mentioned above, the decision to push to 2023 is to ensure that "the game is in the best state it possibly can be" when it arrives on Xbox Game Pass, as well as to "prioritise the physical and mental health of the developers".

Notably, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has spoken in the past about how Replaced is one of his most anticipated games, and we had a chance to speak to Sad Cat Studios about their reaction to the Xbox boss's comments last year:

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