Wrc Generations

KT Racing has been at the helm of the official World Rally Championship series since WRC 5. The studio has grown into its role as the WRC developer, with the last couple being truly impressive rallying efforts. Now, the team's very last WRC game has been revealed.

KT is ditching the numbers after last year's WRC 10, and they're going with 'WRC Generations'. It'll contain all the official content from the 2022 season, including the return of Rally Sweden.

The developer says WRC Generations is "7 years of hard work, a true passion for motorsport, and absolutely NO CUTS!" It's almost bittersweet to see the team move on from WRC, but we're looking forward to going hands on with their final effort.

For the 2023 season, Codemasters will be taking over as the official WRC developer, for at least five years. Codies is now under the EA banner, so the WRC series will become another in the long list of EA Sports titles.

Will you be playing KT Racing's final WRC game? Let us know down below.