Xbox Gamescom 2022

As Xbox gears up for its own big summer showcase, we can't forget about Gamescom, the huge European convention that typically closes out the summer gaming season. This year, the event returns to in-person proceedings, and it's looking like Microsoft will return as well.

Jez Corden spoke about Xbox's presence at the show on a recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast. Both Corden and Randy al Thor were discussing what Xbox might hold back on for future conventions, and Corden had this to say about Gamescom in particular:

"I have heard that they [Xbox] will be at Gamescom this year. They'll have a presence [...] because Gamescom actually has an in-person event this year. Maybe they will save something for Gamescom."

So, yeah, unsurprisingly Xbox should have a notable presence at Gamescom 2022. This isn't dissimilar to recent years, where Xbox has typically had quite a bit showing at the convention.

What do you expect Xbox to bring to Gamescom this year? Let us know down below!