The Force Unleashed Seems To Have A Weird Issue On Xbox Series X|S

Backwards compatibility is amazing on Xbox Series X (and Xbox Series S), but interestingly, it looks like the Xbox 360 game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has a particular issue that's making people feel a little bit sick.

Basically, for some people, there's a motion blur effect when you rotate the camera that really isn't very pleasing on the eye. We've seen reports of this on multiple occasions in recent months, and here's a look at the problem in action:

We've tried to replicate this issue here at Pure Xbox, but haven't had any luck. The person above is definitely not alone though - lots of people in the comments confirmed they've had the same thing - and it makes the game unplayable.

Is there a fix? Well, lots of people have advised there are certain ways to potentially get rid of it (at least temporarily), such as turning off "Auto Low Latency" and "Variable Refresh Rate" in the Settings menu on Xbox, or simply pausing and then unpausing the game, but it seems there's not a permanent fix right now.

It also seems it's happened in some other games, but The Force Unleashed is the most documented so far.

Strange one!

Have you had any issues with The Force Unleashed on Xbox Series X|S? Tell us down below.