Stalker 2

A member of the GSC Game World development team has reassured fans that work on Stalker 2 has resumed, following a brief pause due to the events in Ukraine. The comment comes from the game's official Discord channel, which Polish website GRYOnline spotted.

One fan headed to the channel to quiz the team on whether production had continued on Stalker 2. One of the GSC team replied, with simply, "It continues". Development was initially paused in early March 2022.

Later that month, we reported on news that GSC Game World, or part of the company at least, had headed to the Czech Republic to resume development outside of the team's native country of Ukraine. That report wasn't confirmed, but at least we now know development is back underway in some capacity.

Stalker 2 was initially expected to arrive last month, before a delay back in January pushed the game to December 2022. For now, it's unclear if even that date will be hit, given the roughly two-month development delay. When it does arrive, Stalker 2 will hit Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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