Sniper Elite 5 DLC Missions Are Already Being Worked On

Rebellion's Sniper Elite 5 is finally here, and day one on Xbox Game Pass to boot! However, the mission clearly doesn't end there. Support studio Flix Interactive has already confirmed it's working on post-launch campaign missions for Sniper Elite 5. Blimey!

Despite the quick turnaround on work beginning, don't expect these for a short while yet. It looks like the co-developer is still hard at work on these campaign missions, so they're probably a few months away from launching, at least.

As for what these missions will deliver, the "Season Pass One" breakdown gives us a clue before Flix Interactive and Rebellion reveal any more info. The pass contains access to "a new expansive two mission campaign" suggesting that both post-launch missions will link together in some way.

For now, there's plenty to go at with the main game though. Rebellion's latest effort has really impressed us, and if you need assistance finding any of the games myriad of collectibles, head over to our Sniper Elite 5 collectibles guide hub.

Are you looking forward to even more Sniper Elite 5 content? Let us know down in the comments.