We've got a roguelite RPG on the way to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series X next month in the form of The Hand of Merlin, which first launched on PC last year, and will now be coming to consoles on June 14th.

The game is specifically described as "a turn-based rogue-lite RPG in which Arthurian legend meets with sci-fi horror," and has been in early access on PC until now, but will be getting its proper version 1.0 launch on June 14th. It holds a "mostly positive" rating on Steam to date, and features a narrative written by two people who worked on Serious Sam 4.

You check out a bunch more details below, along with some gameplay screenshots:

"Players recruit three mortal heroes on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem to explore richly-imagined medieval lands on the brink of apocalypse - assaulted by an otherworldly evil. In The Hand of Merlin, choices are permanent, the decisions players make in the game can make all the difference to their party’s synergy and combat prowess."

"Utilizing squad-based and turn-based combat, players can employ tactical cunning to use cover, set up ambushes and coordinate attacks to conquer both human and unworldly abhorrent foes looking to do them harm. With a large focus on exploration and encounter, players will traverse an intricately crafted multiverse as they jump from one parallel dimension to the next."

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