Rabbit Hole Xbox

Rabbit Hole, an indie horror game very much inspired by classic Resident Evil / Silent Hill games, launched on Steam back in January 2022. A few months on, the game's developer is mulling over an Xbox port, and it's getting some considerable attention online.

The dev has taken to Reddit to ask Xbox fans if they should consider an Xbox port. The thread has around 200 comments at the time of writing, with Xbox fans encouraging the developer to bring the game to Xbox.

Now, we have to be clear and say this looks like a low-budget title and it's still in early access on Steam (it costs a mere £4.79). However, there's promise here, and with initial reviews 'mostly positive' on the PC platform, it could do well on Xbox. Here's some gameplay of Rabbit Hole on PC:

Fans seem to want Rabbit Hole on Xbox, especially if the game could make its way to Game Pass somehow. We'll keep an eye on this one, as anything inspired by classic horror we're very much down for at PX.

Would you give this a go if it came to Xbox? Let us know down in the comments!