Razer Star Wars Xbox controller

It's May the fourth which means, universally, it's basically Star Wars day and very little of anything else. Well, that's not entirely true (not everyone's a nerd like us) but you know, it's a pretty big day in the pop culture world. Themed digital sales are ongoing everywhere, and Xbox is giving away even more custom Series S consoles to celebrate. Now, Razer is getting in on the act and you can actually go out and buy these! Nice.

Yep, the latest in Razer's ever-growing line of custom Xbox controllers is Star Wars-themed as part of this year's celebrations. As you can see it's everything 'Stormtrooper' this time out, and we've got to say, this thing is beautiful.

As is the norm with these Razer pads, it comes bundled with a matching charging stand and together they make for a pretty impressive piece. What's likely to be a little less impressive is the price of this thing. For now you can sign up for email notifications on when the bundle will be available, and similar to previous Xbox Razer bundles, it'll cost you in the region of $200. Ouch.

Regardless of the controller's cost though it is a looker, and if you're a big Star Wars fan, hey, who can blame you for going ahead and splashing some cash on this one.

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What do you think to this Star Wars Razer controller bundle? Tempted? Let us know in the comments below!