Phil Spencer Bethesda

Here at Pure Xbox we're inexplicably excited for next month's big games showcase. It's been a good six months since the anniversary event last year, and we're eager to learn more about Xbox in 2022. Well, these new Twitter posts from Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg are hardly helping with the wait!

The Xbox Boss has taken to the social media platform to show a wholesome image of the two teams together. To be honest, we can't wait to see what these games look like!

Xbox marketing exec Aaron Greenberg was also part of the trip, posting his own picture of the teams as they test out games for the upcoming showcase.

Most of you will probably have spotted everyone's favourite hype man Todd Howard in the mix too, who will no doubt be around next month to show off Starfield. As for what else the showcase will bring? We'll just have to wait and see. There's only about a month to go!

What do you want Xbox & Bethesda to bring to the showcase? Let us know in the comments below.