Microsoft's 'Xbox Everywhere' Initiative Will Reportedly Include A TV Streaming Puck
Image: Philips

Update: The folks over at VentureBeat have also been reporting on this story today, advising that the streaming puck and an Xbox Cloud Gaming app for Samsung TVs should be set to launch within the next 12 months.

Original story: We've been hearing for quite a long time now that Microsoft is building its own streaming device(s) for Xbox Cloud Gaming, but we shouldn't expect a streaming stick - it's a "puck", according to The Verge reporter Tom Warren.

Warren says that this streaming puck is part of the "Xbox Everywhere" initiative, which also includes confirmed plans for TV apps, along with the ability to play all your owned Xbox games via the xCloud service.

"Xbox Everywhere includes devices like a TV puck for Xbox Cloud Gaming, apps for TVs, and even Microsoft's original plan to let you play all Xbox games you own through the cloud."

Warren says that he believes we'll be hearing a lot more about "Xbox Everywhere" in the coming months, as "xCloud is getting ready for more markets, more games, and more devices."

It's been almost a year since Microsoft confirmed plans to bring Xbox Cloud Gaming to internet-connected TVs and via physical streaming devices, but there was no date given at the time. Hopefully we'll be getting a rollout this year...

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