Ms Flight Sim xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator soared its way onto Xbox consoles last summer, becoming the biggest next-gen exclusive from Xbox Game Studios in the meantime. However, it looks like players without a next-gen console have been putting in the hours to become a better pilot as well.

Microsoft Flight Simulator made its way to Xbox Cloud Gaming on March 1st this year, and it flew straight to the top of the charts. The sim became the most popular Xbox Cloud game during its release month across phones, tablets, PCs, and consoles. That's some going!

Microsoft suggests that this popularity could partly be down to the wealth of users who haven't picked up a next-gen console yet.

"Cloud aware titles also extend to more intensive games, making it possible to play Gen-9 titles on Xbox One via the cloud. A great example of this is Microsoft Flight Simulator. It became available via cloud on March 1, and quickly became the most played cloud game on phones, tablets, PCs and consoles for the month of March. Players who otherwise wouldn’t have access to Gen-9 titles now have the opportunity to jump in on the devices they own."

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a great way for last-gen players to play new-gen games, even if the console stock situation seems to be steadily improving for Xbox. We expect the feature will come in even more handy over the next couple of years, as upcoming releases like Starfield won't release on Xbox One either.

Have you taken to the skies yet? Tested MS Flight Sim out on the cloud? Let us know below!