Fortnite Master Chief

As you may have heard by now, Xbox has partnered up with Epic Games to make Fortnite playable on Xbox Cloud Gaming. This is especially big news because previously, Epic deemed Microsoft's Cloud Gaming initiative as a competitor to its own PC efforts. However, there's some even bigger Fortnite news just dropping.

Master Chief is back baby! Now you can dab, floss, and do whatever else Fortnite kids do these days as everyone's favourite big green Spartan. You can unlock some Master Chief styles by playing Fortnite matches via Xbox Cloud Gaming, although you'll have to buy the base character first.

If you've got some Vbucks to spare — maybe from this Xbox Series S bundle — then there's a couple of Xbox packs up for grabs at the moment. The Halo and Gears bundles have returned to the Fortnite store as of yesterday, May 5th.

Fortnite Gears

Will you be jumping back into Fortnite to get these Halo/Gears packs? Let us know in the comments!