Loot River Xbox Game Pass

Loot River brought its procedurally generated dungeons to Xbox Game Pass this week, and a selection of reviews are now starting to hit the web. Do bare in mind that these impressions are of the PC version, but they should give a good idea of what to expect on Xbox via its Game Pass release.

Without further ado, here's what the critics think of Loot River so far:

Hardcore Gamer (9/10)

"Even after countless hours, Loot River‘s platform-shifting doesn’t get old. Perhaps the procedural nature helps alleviate any concern on the mechanics growing stale, or maybe it’s that these same scenarios can also go so horribly wrong if you’re not factoring in position as well as what enemies are lying in wait."

Game Informer (8.5/10)

"Unlocking everything, uncovering secrets, and piecing together the lore are all a part of the almost inexhaustible experience. It can be acutely irritating to fall victim to a first-level foe after nearly making it to the last boss in the previous run, but the game is hard to put down. Loot River reimagines some of its inspirations' best elements, offering players a chance to sail cleverly through each environment, grow powerful enough to slice up once-impossible threats, and unravel a story that smartly weaves into its gameplay."

Noisy Pixel (7.5/10)

"At times, Loot River shines like the burning platform that you just trapped all your enemies on, but that flame gets extinguished pretty quick. Loot River‘s creative mechanic keeps it afloat, but its final presentation feels like it landed short of its full potential."

God Is a Geek (7.5/10)

"If you do stick with Loot River, there’re certain artefacts that make the runs easier, and some of the better items can be blended with unique gear to make you feel almost unstoppable at times. The main problem with that is, it’s all random. You might go through an entire area and only pick up a small amount of knowledge. Other times, you might gain loads, but it becomes a chore holding onto hope that more often than not is blind."

IGN Italia (7.5/10)

"A strange mix of various different types of games. If you are looking for something unique and different you might find some solace in this little game, but beware the less than ideal graphics and enemies that are lacking in the uniqueness department."

So, Loot River is getting a bit of a mixed reception so far, although overall, initial reviews skew more positive than negative, which is always good news! The game currently sits at a respectable 79 on Metacritic, and it sounds like it might be worth a shot on Xbox Game Pass.

Will you be giving Loot River a go on Game Pass? Let us know in the comments below!

How Are You Finding Loot River On Xbox Game Pass?