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Xbox Series X|S consoles are being updated constantly, you know, as expected for a pair of systems that launched in 2020. However, did you know that Xbox 360 is still getting updates? That's right, Microsoft just issued a 'service fix' to Xbox 360 consoles as players reported issues with 'Pins'.

Well, when we say 'players', Xbox's Eden Marie says that two people reported the Xbox 360 issue. Even so, Microsoft has listened to those two players and worked on a quick fix, nice!

To be honest, we didn't know Microsoft was still updating Xbox 360 but it's great to see the company quickly sort out issues on a console that's over 15 years old at this point. Sure, this seems to be a server-side patch rather than a full on update, but still, it's encouraging nonetheless.

If any of you continue do use Xbox 360 and notice the pins issue yourself, be sure to check on the patch's progress. Marie requests that players let her and Xbox know if problems persist 24 hours after the fix.

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