Furi Xbox One

The small team behind indie action game Furi has decided against an Xbox release for an upcoming DLC pack. The Onnamusha add-on will launch on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch May 17th, but the Xbox version has been dropped, seemingly for financial reasons.

After some considerable backlash to the announcement, developer The Game Bakers took to Twitter to explain its decision.

While we understand that fans who supported Furi by picking the game up on Xbox will no-doubt be frustrated by this decision, we do understand the developer's position. If the game didn't take off on Xbox, you can't expect the DLC to do the sorts of numbers needed either.

However, this now means that Furi is essentially incomplete on Xbox, and fans who want the complete version will have to look elsewhere. The developer does "hope to be developing for Xbox again in the future", and we can only keep our fingers crossed that any upcoming Xbox release is more fruitful for the Furi dev.

What do you make of this move? Disappointed to see DLC support dropped? Let us know in the comments.

[source trueachievements.com]