Halo Infinite Event
Image: Xbox, 343 Industries

Earlier this week, Halo Infinite launched its new Season 2 event, Fracture: Entrenched. Along with a lot of new themed items to unlock, it also included the brand new mode - Land Grab.

If you have played this mode, 343 Industries is curious to know what your thoughts are so far. Halo's community director Brian Jarrard has reached out to fans to ask what they think (via social media) and also shared some of his own thoughts about the mode:

"How are folks feeling about Land Grab in #HaloInfinite? What do you like about it? What do you think could be improved? I'm enjoying the quick pace and rewarding team play. Love the 10-10 scenarios. Sometimes it snowballs. Losing team seems to have little chance to come back."

This latest event follows on from a patch earlier this week - making changes to skill jumps, weapon jamming, and the tank gun glitch.

What do you think of the new update for Season 2 so far? How about the new Land Grab mode? Leave your thoughts down below.

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