Hellblade Giant (2)

Back at The Game Awards in 2021, developer Ninja Theory took us on a bit of a Hellblade 2 adventure. We were treated to a lengthy showcase of Senua's upcoming saga, and most of you probably noticed she was fighting against the odds, aka, against a humongous giant.

Well, the team has given us a glimpse at how this giant character was brought to life using the team's mo-cap technology. Believe it or not, a normal-sized human played this character, before the developer transformed it into its in-game form.

This is pretty impressive considering the sheer scale of the demo, although we can't say were hugely surprised Ninja Theory managed to pull it off. The team's other upcoming title, Project: Mara, looks very, very impressive from a technical standpoint, even if we're not sure what the game actually is yet.

As for Hellblade? Well, we have a bit more of an idea with that one, and we're incredibly excited to see more of the game. Hopefully its next showing is at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which takes place June 12th.

Is Hellblade 2 one your most anticipated Xbox games? Let us know down in the comments below.