Halo Infinite Unreal Engine 5

In the lead up to launch we must have watched Halo Infinite gameplay about a thousand times. Well, not literally, but you know, we were pretty familiar with that sprawling introduction to Zeta Halo by the time the game actually came out. Now, a sole developer has re-created those scenes in Unreal Engine 5, and the results are remarkable.

Developer Infinite Forges has taken inspiration from that early Halo Infinite footage we all saw of Zeta Halo, albeit with some extra flourishes and such. Lighting is a lot more stylized and the developer seems to have taken fan complaints about the lack of 'biomes' into account, by turning the level into a desert-like environment.

Overall, we've got to say this looks pretty stunning. The move to UE5 does take some of the 'Halo-ness' away from proceedings, but the lighting is very impressive and the overall look manages to retain most of the Halo feel. We'd be real curious to see how shooting mechanics would work within UE5 and whether that would be deal breaker for a potential engine change in the series' future.

But, what do you think to this re-creation of Zeta Halo? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below!

[source youtu.be]