Halo Fans Complain The Latest TV Trailer 'Looks Nothing Like Halo'

The Halo TV show on Paramount Plus has got off to a fairly good start, with reasonable if not outstanding reviews from both critics and fans, although the latter have been complaining about the latest trailer for Episode 7, "Inheritance".

Basically, there's been quite a bit of criticism that it "looks nothing like Halo." We have to admit, the snippets we see in this trailer definitely remind us of a Star Wars / Mandalorian style desert planet, but then again, it is just a trailer...

Here's what some Halo fans have been saying about it:

"Generic Star Wars Desert Planet #45046946."

"Like, without the the logo I would not have guessed at all that this is Halo...."

The other thing that's getting quite a bit of criticism at the moment is the focus on Kwan Ha's subplot, which seems to be the key focus of this episode. In general, many fans just don't seem interested in the storyline:

"I really hope the Kwan stuff gets wrapped up soon so she can re-join Chief and the UNSC story. Talented actors are being used for a really off-brand story that doesn't really feel part of the Halo universe."

"I feel bad for Kwan’s actor because she has to deal with terrible writing and being out of place in the Halo universe. I’ve tried to enjoy this show but if this episode entirely focuses on Kwan, I’m not watching."

There's plenty of criticism bouncing around, then, but it's important to point out that the show also has lots of dedicated fans who are enjoying what it has to offer... just maybe certain parts of it more than others.

Tune in Thursday on Paramount Plus for episode seven!

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