A brand new gameplay demo has been released for Warner Bros upcoming Gotham Knights and, although it's been tainted somewhat by the disappointing news that last-gen versions of the game have been cancelled, we can't help but get very excited about what we're seeing here.

The thirteen minute video, which you can check out above, gives us a look at a whole bunch of new action involving Nightwing and Red Hood and is composed entirely of actual in-game footage, which is always a good thing!

We get a look at Gotham City, which looks like its sticking close to the style introduced in previous Arkham games, and the camera moves in and around action and traversal sequences in the same manner to which you'll be accustomed from Arkham City and Knight.

There's plenty of combat to pore over, with Nightwing proving to be a nimble and highly dextrous fighter who utilises a glider to get around and smacks enemies with his Escrima Sticks as he somersaults and slides around arenas. Red Hood, on the other hand, is a bigger, stronger and slower protagonist who deals more damage with his attacks and uses a range of guns to pierce armour and take down his foes with non-lethal rounds.

Gotham Knights 6 Screenshots Un1u.1080

One sequence also gives us a look at the game's rendition of the Bat Cycle, a vehicle which can be used by all characters, as it chases down a van full of thugs with Red Hood at the helm.

Gotham Knights is certainly looking the business so far and what we get a glimpse of in this demo shows a game that seems to stick fairly closely to what Arkham fans know and love about the franchise. The co-op aspect of proceedings - although it was originally supposed to incorporate four players - looks like it's gonna be a real good time for two friends joining forces to take down the lowlifes and criminals of Gotham when the game finally releases on October 25th.

Pass us the excitement containment spray, Robin!

Looking forward to Gotham Knights? Like what you see in the new gameplay demo? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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