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A game developer has apparently received a death threat, alongside lots more abuse, after a tweet he made a few days ago suggesting Flying Wild Hog's Trek To Yomi will have been much more successful on Xbox Game Pass than it would have as part of any PSN sale.

As reported by GFinity, the developer, known as Chris, made the tweet on May the 6th and, rather unsurprisingly, was immediately subjected to the ire of upset PlayStation fans and others who disagreed with his opinion. Alas, Twitter gonna Twit.

In the wake of the reaction to his post, Chris was quick to clarify his position saying that;

“I didn't post this because of freaking video game consoles. I posted this because I was thinking about my personal experience working with Xbox and knowing how big Game Pass deals can be, it's just a cool thing.”

However, the damage had been done and many replies seemed to automatically assume that Chris was a developer on Trek To Yomi itself, which he is not, something he went on to clear up in a later response. He also shared with his Twitter followers that he had received a death threat and troubling message telling him to commit self-harm via the Xbox App to which he responded;

“To whoever sent this; I hope you get the help you need. I'm not even mad at you, I genuinely hope you get some professional help because this isn't normal behaviour.”

Today the developer issued a final statement regarding the issue on Twitter thanking people for supporting him during the onslaught, as well as his friends, family and co-workers.

You really can never be too careful with what you say on good old social media!

On a brighter note, Trek To Yomi has been well-received since its release, with our own review calling it a "stylish Samurai Action With Real AAA Polish"

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