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An Australian Fortnite player who was taken to court by Epic Games for selling "compromised" game accounts, alongside other cheat items, has been forced to apologise publicly to the company, had his account-selling racket shut down and will stump up substantial damages which Epic says it will donate to charity. That's what happens when you don't read the EULA, folks.

Yes, as reported by Gamespot, the Federal Court of Australia has ruled that Brandon Despotakis - or BlazeFN as he's known on the intertubes - violated Fortnite's EULA, infringed copyright through images used in his online "business" and sold accounts unlawfully in order to cheat other players out of money. Absolutely DESPOTIC behaviour, we think you'll agree. (Thanks).

It's not known at this time if players who bought BlazeFN's accounts and hacking items will face any punishment in the real world, but they'll absolutely be facing severe penalties in-game.

Epic issued a statement regarding the issue saying that:

"Selling compromised player accounts and cheat technologies puts people’s information at risk and ruins the experience for people who are playing fairly. We take the illegal sale of these items seriously and we’ll pursue all available options to make sure our games remain fun, fair and never pay-to-win.”

Whilst BlazeFN also had his very own statement to make about the series of events:

"I’d like to apologize to the Fortnite community. What I did was illegal and gave players an unfair advantage over other people who play by the rules. I won’t do this ever again."

You better see that you don't, Brandon!

All of the damages paid by Despotakis will be donated to the charity Child's Play, so at least this torrid tale has had a somewhat happy ending.

Did Despotakis get his just desserts or has he been punished a little too harshly? Let us know below!