Halo Infinite CA

Halo Infinite has finally shifted into Season 2, bringing new multiplayer content and a suite of other fixes and changes. Some of these fixes relate to core issues that remained from launch, and while some have now been sorted with the season 2 patch, others still remain.

A new video analysis by Digital Foundry looks at some lingering issues with Halo Infinite, and whether the patch has addressed these issues. One of the outlet's big concerns was cutscene animation stutters, which thankfully, have been fixed with the season 2 update!

However, framerate and frame pacing continue to throw up issues during core gameplay. For a start, VRR doesn't seem to work properly in Infinite and that hasn't changed with the new patch, and judders are still pretty visible at high framerates.

The new framerate options that the season 2 patch delivered — including 120fps support on Xbox Series S — were also tested. Largely, 120fps impresses during multiplayer gameplay on Series S, but it struggles during the campaign and sticking to 60 is advised for that mode.

All in all, it looks like 343 is still committed to fixing Halo Infinite's issues, but it's going to take time to smooth everything over. Still, it's good to see improvement and we hope the game is in even better shape come Season 3 this November.

How are you finding Halo Infinite after the season 2 update? Let us know down below!

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