Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 developer DICE has detailed its latest update, which arrives today, May 19th. The update is mainly focused on balance changes and bug fixes ahead of season one's launch, however, it also makes a pretty fundamental change to the game.

DICE has decided to completely remove the 128-player Breakthrough mode following internal testing and fan feedback. The mode is one of the main options for 2042's 'All-Out Warfare' portion of the game, and these huge player counts were touted as a major new feature at launch.

Well, that feature is no more, at least in Breakthrough. The player number remains for the Conquest mode though, as DICE leaves the 128-player option on the table for that particular mode.


The blog post also provides a little more info on the launch of season one. Previously delayed to 'early summer', 2042's first season now has a more specific release window of 'early june'. The season will deliver the game's first real bout of post-launch content, including a new map and more.

Disappointed to see 128-player Breakthrough go? Or happy to see the response to fan feedback? Let us know down below!