Chernobylite just got its big next-gen update, and it's safe to say we're pretty impressed by what developer The Farm 51 has done with it. The bump up to 60fps is a real treat, however, there are some big graphical upgrades too, although one in particular was dropped on Xbox Series S.

Yep, it's ray tracing support once again. Microsoft's budget, digital-only machine doesn't seem powerful enough to deliver consistent ray tracing in next-gen games, and The Farm 51 echoes that sentiment with its work on Chernobylite. Here's what the team said about Xbox Series S in a recent interview with TrueAchievements:

"[Ray tracing] didn't work so well. We knew that reflections are easy to do on consoles, but things like water caustic effects were probably not going to make it."

"[Unreal Engine] has all of the tools and toggles that we can enable on console, profile the game, see how it performs in real life, and then decide what can make it into the game or not."

Well, it seems like Series S just couldn't quite deliver the ray tracing effects that Chernobylite employs. Thankfully, the Series S version does hit 60fps in its performance mode, albeit at a lower overall resolution than its Series X counterpart.

Series S missing out on more ray tracing is disappointing to see but ultimately unsurprising, given the system's overall power. Having said that, performance is just as important, so we hope developers can continue to bring 60fps titles to the console.

What do you think of this? Is it understandable that Series S will miss out on some features? Let us know in the comments.