BNF 2042 Hazard Zone

Developer DICE has finally opened up about new content for Battlefield 2042, and generally speaking, the future is looking a little brighter for the latest Battlefield. However, in doing so, the team has completely abandoned its 'extraction mode', Hazard Zone, with no new updates planned for the future.

That means that aside from critical errors and game-breaking bugs, Hazard Zone won't be a focus at all for DICE. Any new maps that arrive throughout the game's upcoming seasons won't support the mode at all, which is a little odd considering it uses the game's core multiplayer maps as is. So yeah, the servers for Hazard Zone will remain live, but don't expect any other additions going forward.

Elsewhere, thankfully, things are more positive. A few of the developers talked pretty openly about how the team is moving forward from the game's early struggles, detailing what's to come over the next year or so.

The game's existing maps are being reworked to create a more authentic 'war-torn' atmosphere, along with new layout alterations for better match flow. This begins with the Kaleidoscope map in season 1, before changes to Renewal will arrive in season 2. There is a brand new map coming with next month's first season too, although DICE didn't really detail that one here.

Battlefield Portal content will be slowly making its way over to the game's main mode too, with maps and weapons being converted to work in 'All-Out Warfare'. Again, details were scarce here but as Portal is arguably the best part of 2042, we're happy to see it become core to the game's future.

BF 2042 Rework

Finally, specialists are being altered for future seasons, but for now, those changes remain mostly cosmetic. The character models themselves are being reworked, along with new voice lines and quips to once again, fit a more 'authentic' war-torn environment. Eventually, gameplay changes are coming to the game's specialists and their move sets, but nothing in the immediate future, says DICE.

All in all, this is an extensive developer update and if you want all the fine details, head over to the team's blog post. Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 arrives early next month, with a release date to be confirmed by DICE.

What do you make of all these changes? Will they bring you back to 2042? Let us know down below.