343's PSA To Halo Fans: 'Please Don't Attack And Accuse People In This Community'
Image: Xbox

343's Halo Community Director Brian Jarrard has issued a new PSA on social media, asking the Halo community to not "attack" or "accuse" other fans for enjoying aspects of Halo that they may not.

This PSA appears to be a response to the Halo content creator UberNick being targeted after mentioning how he was "tired of not being able to enjoy Halo" without people assuming he had some "weird alternative motive". In a separate tweet, he also noted how he was still having fun with the latest video game entry, Halo Infinite, every day.

Brian Jarrard - "PSA: Outside of people like myself, @Unyshek and other employees of 343, nobody out here is *paid* to hype up @Halo. Please don't attack and accuse ppl in this community just for enjoying something you may not agree with. Thank you!"

The new Halo video game and Paramount series have both built up an absolutely huge following, even if there have been some hiccups along the way. Halo Infinite has officially become the "biggest launch" in Halo's history - with more than 20 million Spartans joining the fight. As for the first season of the show, it's apparently been a "global hit" for Paramount, and its premiere was Paramount's "most-watched" one ever.

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