There's plenty of drama going on in the Halo community at the moment over YouTuber Angry Joe, who has threatened American TV network CBS with court proceedings after having his Halo content "blocked" on YouTube five times.

In a passionate rant on YouTube yesterday, Joe didn't hold back with his thoughts about the situation, stating that if CBS claimed his fifth edit of the video in question, he would "fight" the TV network "until the end". Here's a sample:

"What you're doing is wrong. Cut it out. Because you're messing with the wrong person. I will blow this up, and we will go to court over this. If you claim this video, I have no other option."

"I have edited and edited and edited, which I didn't need to because this is protected under fair use, but I'm trying to play it under your rules, and your rules are bull****. I won't let you push around any other channels, I won't let you push around our channel anymore."

Joe goes on to say in the video that CBS has issued copyright claims on certain bits of the footage from the Halo TV show on multiple occasions, which means the ad revenue is then transferred to the copyright creator rather than Joe himself. He demonstrates how difficult it's proving for him to get around this, and states that CBS is "completely ignoring and abusing" the fair use policy, which is "a US law that allows the reuse of copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner."

Since the latest version of the video was uploaded to YouTube yesterday, Joe has pointed out that the episode is "holding so far," adding that "they literally would have no standing to claim this one."

What drama!

Here are a couple of reactions we've seen to the news:

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