You Can Now Switch Your TV's Input Using Your Xbox Controller
Image: Eden Marie, Twitter

We've got a new feature arriving for everyone specifically on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S today, which allows you to switch your TV's input signal simply by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. A cool little addition!

This feature has been available to some Insiders for quite some time now, but today is the day it rolls out to everyone publicly, although keep in mind you'll need to have a setup that supports HDMI-CEC to use it:

Here's what Xbox's Eden Marie had to say about the feature on Twitter:

"Hey Xbox! All Series X|S consoles get a feature, starting today, that will switch your TV's input back to your console when you press the Xbox button on your controller. You'll need to have HDMI-CEC turned on and a setup that supports it, but - no more digging for that remote!"

Xbox's Major Nelson also explained how it works in a separate post:

"Starting today, when you press Xbox button on your controller once you will be able to switch input back to your Xbox. If you are on a different TV input waiting for a download or update, you can press the Xbox button once to switch back to the Xbox input."

HDMI-CEC is a feature included in many modern TVs that allows HDMI devices to communicate with your TV, and some Xbox users have been using it for a while to do things like automatically turn the TV on and off at the same as turning the Xbox on and off. Sometimes you have to activate HDMI-CEC manually, so keep this in mind.

Have you used this feature yet? Let us know how you're getting on down in the comments below.