There was plenty of excitement earlier this week when the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings 3 was added to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but it's fair to say some newcomers are having real trouble with it.

Across social media, players have been sharing their struggles with the game's in-depth tutorial, with many pointing out that there's just too much information to take in, and they feel somewhat "stupid" because of it:

More experienced Crusader Kings 3 players have also been stepping in to try and help, advising that the tutorial isn't actually that great compared to watching YouTube videos and engaging in trial-and-error tactics. The common bit of advice that most fans are providing is to just "learn from the defeats" and don't take it too seriously.

If you're struggling with Crusader Kings 3 on Xbox, then, you're not alone. Don't forget that the game is also playable on PC with PC Game Pass, and even on Xbox One if you've got a strong enough connection for Xbox Cloud Gaming.

How are you getting on with Crusader Kings 3 on Xbox Game Pass so far? Tell us down in the comments.