Xbox Game Pass Member Warns They've Been Charged For Paramount Plus Perk

The addition of Paramount Plus was one of the biggest highlights of the year for Xbox Game Pass Perks last month, but one unlucky member has revealed they were unexpectedly charged after just seven days of access to the service.

The person in question explained that they believed they did everything to the letter, but nevertheless received a charge of $6.71 after that period. The Paramount Plus trial with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is supposed to last 30 days, after which time it will convert into a paid subscription. Here's what they said:

"I got it 7 days ago for the Halo series. Just letting everyone know to watch their cards. I already sent them a ticket to fix whatever bug caused the charge."

A friend of the Redditer advised them that although they claimed the 30 day trial correctly, they were then presented with a choice of a 7-day trial or yearly trial, and they likely picked the former option — which would explain the accidental early charge. According to the person affected, "it's just a bug that existed when this route was used."

Whatever the case, we wanted to highlight this story as it's a worthy reminder to be careful when claiming free trial Perks with Xbox Game Pass and always keep an eye out for any potential bugs and issues. The vast, vast majority won't have been affected by this, but there might be a few that were caught out by a glitch or two.

Did you have any issues claiming the Paramount Plus Perk with Xbox Game Pass? Tell us down below.