Xbox Cloud Consoles Brazil

Xbox has announced that its Cloud Gaming program has expanded to console players in Brazil. Previously, cloud content was available on other devices — like PCs, tablets and mobile phones — but not on actual Xbox consoles.

You can now jump in and stream games via your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S system in the region. The program is still in beta form right now, but anyone can jump in and try it out!

This move allows players to test games prior to installing too, which is great news for those on data caps or players who have slow internet speeds. The Game Pass library only makes this even more beneficial, as you don't always know what to download right out of the gate.

The announcement post also highlights that Xbox One players will benefit even more so here. Some next-gen-only games are available in the cloud, like Microsoft Flight Simulator, so last-gen owners can go hands on with these without the need to buy a new console, which can be extremely expensive in certain regions.

Do you use cloud gaming on console? Is it a useful feature for you? Let us know in the comments.