WWE 2K22's Latest Patch Adds Some Really Impressive New Features

WWE 2K22 has been a really nice breath of fresh air since it arrived in March, and 2K has really knocked it out of the park with this latest update for the game, fixing (or at least tweaking) a few of the issues we had with it back at launch.

The big highlight of the update is the addition of the NXT 2.0 Arena in full, complete with supporting broadcast packages. Gameplay has also been polished across the board, including less frequent pin breaks in tag matches.

Elsewhere, the MyGM mode has been bolstered with the addition of tag team titles and expanded match card sizes - the lack of both of those features was criticised at launch, and we didn't expect to see them at all this year to be honest.

And that's still just the tip of the iceberg, with loads of upgrades to other aspects of the game such as improved stability in Universe mode and the much-requested ability to toggle entrances in online matches.

You'll find the full list of patch notes for Patch 1.09 below — we're really impressed with this one!


  • Full NXT 2.0 Arena and supporting broadcast packages are in-game!
  • Added game-wide options for graphics settings on PC (Extras/Graphics Options)


  • Polished hundreds of Superstar interactions to improve alignment, registration, and impact
  • Addressed reported concerns of players losing functionality when interacting with objects at ringside
  • Added support for reversals for several moves
  • Addressed reported concerns of players getting stuck backstage
  • Addressed reported concerns of players getting stuck on the chamber in an Elimination Chamber match
  • Updated movesets for various Superstars
  • Improved referee pathing and behaviors
  • Improved alignment on various dives and springboards
  • Adjusted stun duration during matches
  • Adjusted the damage on several moves that were failing to deal damage
  • Added various moves to Signature and Finisher move categories
  • Increased attack speed for chair and stop sign weapons
  • AI uses more positional variety in the corner, such as Top Rope Stunned
  • Improved logic for AI to execute contextual Finishers such as Catching, 1v2, and Announce Table Finishers
  • General Tag Team AI improvements including less frequent pin breaks and more frequent pin defense
  • AI will now utilize the Ladder Bridge outside of Ladder Matches
  • Improved AI strategy for countering Running attacks
  • Improved AI strategy for stunning opponents
  • Improved AI logic during certain run-in sequences
  • Improved AI pathing and attack selection when in a crowded ring


  • Tag team titles are now supported for Normal and Hard difficulty
  • The match card size for Normal and Hard difficulty has been expanded
  • Improved AI
  • General performance improvements


  • Entrances can now be enabled in online lobbies
  • Improved performance when joining or leaving lobbies
  • Improved performance in downloading items from Community Creations
  • Added DLC Superstar hashtag search options in Community Creations
  • Various improvements to online gameplay experience
  • Improved performance when previewing content in Community Creations


  • Improved skin and eyes for various Superstars
  • Updated character likenesses for various Superstars
  • Improved CAS part combinations
  • General hair updates and improvements


  • Improved performance and stability within all create modes
  • Data cleanup throughout all create modes
  • Improved compatibility between many custom arena stage parts
  • Improved camera angles in Create an Arena and Create A Superstar
  • Improved graphical fidelity of custom championships
  • Updated template data for arena templates
  • Added information for elements of Create a Moveset moves
  • Added the “Facing Ringside” category in “Top Rope Taunts”
  • Improved compatibility between hundreds of different CAS parts
  • Improved functionality of hair dye color tool
  • Improved ability for players to apply images to CAS parts
  • Improved randomization consistency on superstars with fixed masks
  • Added multiple correct crowd signs for various Superstars
  • Improved consistency of unlocking purchased CAS parts
  • Improved consistency of thumbnails throughout Create A Superstar
  • Addressed reported concerns with swapping partners in a tag team match


  • Improved sfx and music performance on entrances, including reported concerns related to the “Fiendish” CAE entrance
  • Improved the sound design on some moves
  • Updated outdated references in commentary
  • Added updated commentary references to reflect recent real world changes
  • Improved commentary for non high risk moves
  • Improved consistency of commentary calling Superstars’ moves properly
  • Added more sounds to championship belt intro wipes
  • Added more RA calls for various championships
  • Cleaned up the music list for Create modes


  • Improved stability throughout Universe
  • Universe data cleanup and updates
  • Improved Superstar naming consistency
  • Improved UI flows and visuals
  • Updated custom portrait formatting
  • Normalized store credit earnings with gameplay
  • Improved MITB cash-in save data performance
  • Added the ability to disable run-ins after editing a match
  • Added custom championship names to division screen
  • Improved Superstar portrait compatibility on 8-player matches
  • Improved consistency of Superstar run-ins in storylines
  • Adjusted custom arena match rules to more closely match those in gameplay
  • Superstars are now correctly assigned to their respective brands


  • Improved reward icon visibility for weekly Evo challenges
  • Addressed reported concerns regarding an exploit connected to weapon baiting in Faction Wars
  • Added MyFACTION nWo Standalone cards

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