New Xbox Tool Allows You To Play Just Dance With Nintendo Joy-Cons

If there's one thing we really miss about the Kinect in 2022, it's that we can't use it for Just Dance on Xbox Series X and Series S anymore. Instead, we're forced to use our phones, which is a fine but not exactly outstanding alternative.

One creative member of the Xbox community has tackled this recently, finding a way to get the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons working with Just Dance 2017-2022 on Xbox Series X and S. Here's a look at the unofficial "tool" in action:

The Redditer who created this tool has provided a download link and the source code over at GitHub, but be aware that it's not the simplest process - there are quite a few requirements and instructions to follow to get it up and running.

The good news is that it apparently works really, really well - with no latency whatsoever, support for up to six players, and with the ability to support all platforms in theory, although it was tested specifically for Xbox Series X and Series S.

A very cool idea if you ask us! Let's hope Nintendo doesn't frown on it.

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