You've heard of Harry Potter, and probably the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy at this point, which is one of our most anticipated releases. However, Two Point Campus is now getting in on the act, creating its own world of Witchcraft on Xbox Game Pass.

Sega has revealed a new class for its upcoming schooling sim, where you'll be able to "brew mysterious potions in the apothecary" among other Wizard-ish things.

This actually looks pretty in-depth, with Two Point Campus going the whole hog and adding uniforms, props, and even a 'magical battle club' for students to be a part of. That's not to mention the whole backdrop of the class, which of course, is appropriately Hogwarts-esque.

Two Point Campus Sega

After a short delay, Two Point Campus finally makes its way to Xbox Game Pass on August 9th, and with this addition, we're even more ready for it to be honest!

Will you be giving the Two Point Campus Wizarding school a go later this summer? Let us know below!