FYI, PlayStation Might Have A 'Really Big' Acquisition To Reveal Soon

You may have heard some rumblings throughout the week about a potentially huge PlayStation announcement that has yet to surface. Even though we haven't seen it yet, there are suggestions from high-profile journalists in the industry that PlayStation could have a "really big" acquisition to announce in the near future.

That said, there's a lot of uncertainty surrounding the news. In a video on the Kinda Funny Games YouTube channel, GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb explained that he wasn't confident enough on the details to go and write a story about it:

"That one is very difficult to pin down. People can get word on that stuff, but the people who really know are usually legally bound not to say anything. So, we're probably getting second-hand information at best. I've heard it's big... I'm hearing it from multiple people... [but] I'm not going to go and write a story about this on GamesBeat, that's where I'm at."

In response, Kinda Funny's Greg Miller revealed that he's also heard it's "really big":

"We're sharing information here. I've heard from two separate sources, one of the sources being a pool of people, that it's big. That it's really big, so it's like OK, I'm going to delay this show and see if it happens this week... but then again, maybe it's nothing because of exactly what you're saying - think of every other acquisition that [we've seen], did we have rumours of those before? No, because there's insider trading garbage to worry about."

So there you go. It's difficult to know how much to read into this right now, but in any case we'll be keeping a close eye out to see if Sony goes through with this "really big" acquisition. Let's hope it doesn't affect Xbox too negatively if so.

Are you buying into this rumour? Who do you think the acquisition concerns? Tell us down below.