The follow up to Rogue Legacy has been in the works for some time, as the original first came to PC in 2013. Well, after a long wait, it's looking like those years have been well spent!

Developer Cellar Door Games is seeing some great reviews comes through for Rogue Legacy 2 so far, just a day after launch. This procedurally generated roguelite seems to be a hit among the critics, and if you're interested in picking this one up, here's exactly what folks have been saying in early reviews:

Destructoid (9.5/10)

I may not be able to remember every biome by name, but I can absolutely visualize them all as distinct entities that require different approaches. Some are long, some are tall, some are dark, and all of them have their own flair. Even though the room-by-room layout changes on every run, you can still get a sense of what’s ahead, which lessens the chance you’ll be caught off-guard. It’s not just a matter of various visual themes — the biomes are actually built differently from one another. I love that!

Dexerto (9.5/10)

Despite its rough early game and minor structural setbacks, Rogue Legacy 2 is, for the most part, an incredible sequel to one of the all-time great roguelikes.

Fans of the original will be absolutely captivated by the astounding amount of fresh content on offer while new players, should they stick with it, will have dozens of hours of deeply engaging gameplay to master.

IGN (9/10)

The expanded class system is fantastic, but what truly makes Rogue Legacy feel exponentially bigger and bolder than its predecessor is its enormous and diverse interconnected world. There are six unique locations in Rogue Legacy 2, and unlike the original’s four – which largely felt very similar outside of having different enemies, a few different room layouts, and a distinct backdrop – the areas in Rogue Legacy 2 all present unique challenges.

Gamespot (9/10)

If you were to draw up a blueprint of the ideal video game sequel, it would be a schematic of Rogue Legacy 2. The latest roguelite dungeon crawler from developer Cellar Door Games retains everything that was captivating about the 2015 original while improving upon it with some fantastic new additions.

TheGamer (9/10)

As great as the enhanced presentation is, Rogue Legacy 2’s biggest improvement can be found in its gameplay. Each class now has a distinct weapon from one another that isn’t just one sword swing like the original. The assassin is quick with dual blades, the archer shoots with a bow from afar, and the boxer gets in close with a flurry of punches.

TheSixthAxis (8/10)

If you’ve played the original game, you’ll be familiar with the basic gameplay here. You run around, jump a lot, try and hit enemies, fail, and die. The moment-to-moment gameplay feels very similar, it’s still infuriatingly enticing, combat still feels delightfully old-school, and it’s still incredibly hard.

So, yeah, this one is going down very well indeed! We must stress that these reviews are mainly for the PC version of the game, where it now sits at an incredibly healthy 91 on Metacritic at the time of writing. Still, we'd expect Xbox Series X|S to have no trouble at all with this one.

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