Random: Redditer Shares Video Of Ant Infestation Inside Their Xbox One
Image: DMOrange on Reddit

The idea of getting an ant infestation in any part of your house is enough to send shivers down your spine, but when it actually happens inside your Xbox console, that takes things to another level. That's unfortunately what Redditor DMOrange experienced recently, taking to the social media platform to share a video of the damage.

The Xbox One owner explained that he and his wife couldn't figure out where the ants were coming from for weeks, but ultimately discovered that it was from the console itself, and the ants had made a nest "through the entirety" of it.

The damage was so bad, DMOrange highlighted that he tried to take the Xbox One apart and use an air can to blow the ants away, but was greeted with them "pouring out of the optical drive" when he held it upside down.

As you can imagine, lots of commenters have been offering potential solutions, but it seems like the Redditer has given up on salvaging it at this point. To be honest, we'd have probably just burned the house down immediately...

"We vacuum twice a week, now more. Clean our counters and surfaces. Don’t leave food out. So we’re very confused."

What do you make of this? Ever suffered with an ant infestation inside your Xbox?! Tell us below.