Xbox Game Pass key caps
Image: PCSpecialist

We're suckers for cool little bits of Xbox merch here at PX, especially when they include some of our favourite Xbox franchises. That means that we absolutely need these Game Pass key caps spotted over on Twitter.

YouTuber Stodeh shared these awesome keyboard caps that are all based on Xbox franchises, first and third party. We've got a Master Chief helmet here, a Minecraft block, and even Skyrim's infamous 'Iron Helmet', among others.

Again, sadly, you can't buy these things but you can enter a giveaway to win them! PCSpecialist and Xbox Game Pass have teamed up to give away a set of these, and there are various ways to enter, including social media follows and the likes.

But seriously Xbox, let us buy these things! We don't think we'd ever actually use them, but they'd make a great display piece tucked in the box. The Xbox Gear Store is right there if you fancy making our wishes a reality!

What do you make of these key caps? Pretty awesome right? Let us know in the comments.