Random: Oh No! Fan's 'Repaired' Halo Series X Gets Replaced With Standard Console

The chances of actually being able to purchase a new console this generation have been slim at times, let alone a shiny special edition one. Microsoft delivered the gen's first such system last year, with the gorgeous Halo Infinite console. This fan managed to snag one, but after sending it in for repair, it's all gone wrong.

Just six months after the system's launch, this particular unit has broken. That's no real surprise; it's bound to happen to some users. However, on sending the limited edition console in for repair, they've been told that they'll only be getting a standard console in return. Ouch.

Honestly, this outright sucks. This writer right here has that very same Halo system, and I'm now left with a wave of anxiety for if/when the thing conks out. Stressing out over pre-ordering the console during Gamescom last year was enough, let alone to have it replaced with the cheaper, standard system.

We reckon Xbox should be making a bit more effort to return the same product that's sent off. We understand the company doesn't have limited editions just lying around, but even if it's replaced with new internals, the outer casing could still be re-fitted. Either way, this may have deterred us from sending our Halo console off to Microsoft in future.

What would you do here? Go to an unofficial repair store, or send it off and accept your fate? Let us know in the comments!