Can you believe we're only like six months out from Starfield? We know, we know, remain calm. Anyway, to satiate our appetites Bethesda has dropped another of its video docs, and this one is all about audio.

Bethesda Game Studios audio director Mark Lampert, and Starfield composer Inon Zur discuss all things Starfield audio, including the game's sweeping, orchestral soundtrack. Lampert touched on how early the soundtrack comes into equation, comparing Starfield's development with Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Everything I've worked on at this studio, the music started very early on, as early as the concept art for the game, from when I began here in 2005. At that time, Oblivion was already well, well underway, but as we went onto Fallout 3 after that, that was one of the first things I worked on music-wise, was the main theme. And that's always been the case, where the main theme sets the tone for everything else we do in the game, and there's time throughout the entire project for that to evolve.

Both Lampert and Zur went on to talk about how big of a role music plays in Bethesda adventures, and that's no different with Starfield. It links right into the player's gameplay experience and from the music played in this particular video, it's sounding pretty epic!

Now, we know, we haven't seen much gameplay and we're waiting on that too. Starfield should be fully revealed at whatever showcase Xbox is planning this summer, fingers crossed. In the meantime, some gameplay screenshots did leak earlier this month, if you'd like to see the game in its early stages of development.

Are you still excited about Starfield? Or are you purely waiting for gameplay at this stage? Let us know in the comments.