Sometimes game development just doesn't go as smoothly as hoped, and unfortunately that's been the case for Xbox Game Pass title Moonglow Bay, as the Xbox version specifically has been suffering with issues for six months now.

In a lengthy post this week, the dev team apologised for the Xbox problems, citing "extensive screen tearing and performance issues", and stating, "we deeply regret the situations many of our players have found themselves in."

"Our working theory for this is that it’s a memory issue. Because of the quality of the assets within the game and the amount of activity during any one scene, the settings were very high which can cause systems to run out of RAM. What you received at launch was not the standard and quality we wanted for our players, which is why we’ve been working daily on a variety of solutions to address it."

In response to this, Moonglow Bay received a major new update on Xbox yesterday, featuring a whole bunch of fixes as detailed in the lengthy patch notes, and there's still more work to be done. Not everything has been fixed in the new patch, so "there will be additional patches coming to Moonglow Bay across Xbox platforms in the future."

"The new update does go a long way to ensuring your progress can continue in Moonglow Bay and we hope you’ll now be able to ‘unstick’ characters and progress through some of the scenarios and issues you’ve been having difficulty with. That said, there is still work to be done."

Let's hope with the release of this major update, Moonglow Bay can finally get back on track on Xbox.

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