Update (Tue 12th April, 2022): Life Is Strange Remastered Collection now supports 60fps on Xbox Series X. The latest patch also fixes numerous issues on Xbox Series X|S, including crashing instances.

Original Story (Fri 11th Feb, 2022): The Life is Strange Remastered Collection launched last week (admittedly to fairly little fanfare), and if you're enjoying the game but want to play it at 60 frames per-second on Xbox Series X, you'll soon be able to do just that.

Square Enix has outlined a variety of planned improvements for the game over the next couple of months, including lighting fixes, animation improvements and much more, along with the aforementioned 60fps update for Series X.

The 60fps mode looks set to arrive sometime in early March.

· (XB Series X) Implement 60 FPS rendering mode for Gen 9 consoles

As part of the update, Square Enix acknowledged that "players have been running into bugs" with the collection so far, telling fans that "we are dedicated to improving the user experience and will continue to work hard on patching issues you are facing."

For a full list of planned upgrades and fixes in the near future, you can check out the LiS website.

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