Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Image: Xbox

A passionate Halo fan has reached out to 343 with a lengthy request to add "playable Elites" to Halo Infinite.

Unfortunately, it seems like it won't be happening anytime soon. According to a response from 343's community director, Brian Jarrard, "fundamental issues" remain a priority for the team.

"I applaud your passion and gusto! But I will give it to you straight - We have a lot of fundamental issues to go after. We may eventually get playable Elites but sorry to say it’s not a current priority or actively being worked on right now."

Considering Halo Infinite's strong focus on being able to customise Spartans, it would be interesting to see how 343 would go about implementing Elites in the game.

For anyone left wanting to play as Elites in Halo multiplayer, your best option for now is Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Would you like to one day see Elites as playable fighters in Halo Infinite multiplayer? Show your support down below.