Hideo Kojima & Xbox Partnership Still Seems To Be Going Ahead
Image: Summer Game Fest

Update: We can put the rumour about Kojima Productions being acquired by Sony to bed, as Hideo Kojima has taken to Twitter to apologise for the misunderstanding and confirm the studio will remain independent moving forward.

Original story: We haven't heard anything about the long-rumoured Xbox project from Hideo Kojima since mid-2021, but speaking on his Grubbsnax podcast today, GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb indicated the deal still appears to be going ahead.

As transcribed by VGC, Grubb mentioned that even though (rocky) speculation is currently circulating that Sony might acquire Kojima Productions, he believes that as of "a couple of weeks ago", the Kojima Xbox project was still on:

“This isn’t based on the information I had last year, this is more recent than that. This is still on. Does this mean that PlayStation couldn’t have acquired Kojima Productions? Not necessarily”.

Before today, the most recent bit of information Grubb had provided about the partnership was that Kojima and Xbox had apparently signed a "letter of intent" to work on the unknown game, calling it a "key step in the negotiations between the Metal Gear Solid creator and the Xbox company."

We're still very much in the dark about what's going on between Hideo Kojima and Xbox, but we're excited! It doesn't seem like there's anything much to read into the Sony and Kojima Productions speculation, and Grubb has repeatedly shared details about this Xbox partnership before, so let's hope it indeed does come to fruition.

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[source twitch.tv, via videogameschronicle.com]