Halo Infinite Dev: 'None Of Us Inside Of 343 Look At This Roadmap And Are Happy With It' 2

Halo Infinite Season 2 is right around the corner, bringing the game's first major post-launch content drop. So, that should be a time of celebration and positivity, right? Well, not exactly. Though there has been some disgruntlement in the community about Season 2, this particular slice of negativity isn't even coming from fans.

A recent Halo Infinite community livestream took a good look at everything that's coming in Season 2. The stream was hosted by multiple members of 343 Industries, including the team's head of creative, Joseph Staten. Staten went on to discuss Season 2's extended duration, and to be honest, we can't quite believe this first part actually came from a developer:

"Well one thing to make really clear, none of us inside of 343 look at this roadmap and are happy with it. All of us want to be doing things faster, to deliver more content. You know, we still have this desire to get into a rhythm, a healthy rhythm, to where we can ship a season every three months."

Wow. We appreciate the sheer honesty on display here, but that is some statement to make about your own game and its upcoming seasonal roadmap. Here's the timestamp of that particular discussion:

Halo Infinite Season 2 arrives May 3rd, and it's delivering two new maps, multiple new game modes, a new battle pass and more. If the team's roadmap remains unchanged, Season 3 is expected to launch on November 8th.

What do you make of this stark quote from 343? Is this level of honesty a good thing? Let us know in the comments.