Dying Light 2 1

It's been almost three months since Dying Light 2 came out, can you believe that? Us neither, but as it turns out, the game didn't need that long to sell very well indeed. Developer Techland has revealed that Dying Light 2 hit 5 million sales in February alone.

The game launched February 4th, so given the short month, that's 5 million out there in just over three weeks. We knew the first Dying Light was popular โ€” it's now sold 20 million copies itself โ€” but we didn't expect DL2 to do that well, that quickly!

When it comes to the game itself, we were pretty underwhelmed by it, all in all. While the first game surprised and delighted us, the sequel just didn't hit those same heights, feeling somewhat dragged out by the end.

Still, the Polish developer will no-doubt be delighted by the game's commercial success, and it's good news for fans too. Techland has committed to supporting Dying Light 2 for years, and with this level of success, we'd expect them to follow up on that promise.

How did you find Dying Light 2? More impressed than us? Let us know your thoughts on it below.