We've been waiting on news about Digimon Survive, the new tactical RPG from Bandai Namco, for a long time now, and it's finally been graced with an official release date of July 28th, 2022 for Xbox One, Series X and Series S.

The game is a "tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and turn-based battles," and sees you taking the role of Takuma Momozuka on a school camping trip who finds himself transported to a mysterious world full of monsters and danger.

You can check out the recent Teaser Trailer for Digimon Survive above, along with more details below:

“Digimon Survive” is a text adventure and tactical battle game, featuring the dramatic adventures of the teenage protagonists and their monster allies, as well as tactical battles in which allied monsters are controlled in their clashes against enemy monsters.

The choices the players are forced to make throughout the game will impact both the evolution of their monster allies and the final ending of the story. Battles are fought in 2D, in classic SRPG style, using graphics with enhanced spatial rendering capabilities to portray the mystery and drama of the parallel world.

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