Deals: Another 60+ Games Added To This Week's Xbox Sales

It's time for another set of weekly Xbox deals! For obvious reasons, the list is much smaller than usual this week due to the ongoing Xbox Spring Sale 2022, but we've still got another 60+ games to take advantage of over the next few days.

We've included all of this week's Deals with Gold and Spotlight offers in the table below, as rounded up by Major Nelson over at the official Xbox Website. You'll also find a link to the Xbox Spring Sale offers below:

The following Deals with Gold and Spotlight offers are set to expire on Tuesday, April 19th.

Content Title Sale Discount
America’s Greatest Game Shows: Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy! Deals With Gold 65%
Artists of the World Bundle Deals With Gold 75%
Assassin’s Creed Antiquity Pack Deals With Gold 75%
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China Deals With Gold 60%
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India Deals With Gold 60%
Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: Russia Deals With Gold 60%
BATTLESHIP Deals With Gold 60%
Bunny Bundle Deals With Gold 40%
For Honor – Marching Fire Edition Deals With Gold 75%
Full Spectrum Warrior Deals With Gold 75%
Generation Zero Deals With Gold 60%
Genetic Disaster Deals With Gold 80%
GreedFall Deals With Gold 60%
Hasbro Family Fun Pack – Super Edition Deals With Gold 75%
Heroes & Villains Bundle Deals With Gold 75%
Historical Trilogy Deals With Gold 65%
Jeopardy! Deals With Gold 75%
Just Dance 2022 Deluxe Edition Deals With Gold 55%
Liege Dragon Deals With Gold 40%
Marenian Tavern Story: Patty And The Hungry God Deals With Gold 50%
MudRunner Deals With Gold 75%
MudRunner – American Wilds Expansion Deals With Gold 60%
Othercide Deals With Gold 60%
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles Definitive Edition (Xbox Series X|S) Deals With Gold 60%
Persian Nights 2: The Moonlight Veil (Xbox Version) Deals With Gold 75%
RAW – Realms of Ancient War Deals With Gold 70%
Sephirothic Stories Deals With Gold 50%
Space Station Sprint Deals With Gold 50%
Terminator: Resistance Deals With Gold 50%
The Surge 2 Deals With Gold 75%
Tour de France 2018 Deals With Gold 80%
Under the Jolly Roger Deals With Gold 40%
World War Z: Aftermath Deals With Gold 40%
WWZ Upgrade to Aftermath Deals With Gold 35%
Youtubers Life 2 Deals With Gold 30%
Big Pharma Spotlight Sale 75%
Boom Blaster Spotlight Sale 35%
Butcher Spotlight Sale 70%
Crossroads Inn Spotlight Sale 50%
Crystal Ortha Spotlight Sale 40%
Dragon Lapis Spotlight Sale 40%
Etherborn Spotlight Sale 60%
Fernz Gate Spotlight Sale 50%
Flaskoman Spotlight Sale 40%
From Heaven To Earth Spotlight Sale 25%
Galaxy Champions TV Spotlight Sale 50%
Happi Basudei Spotlight Sale 20%
Hellbreachers Spotlight Sale 50%
Help Will Come Tomorrow Spotlight Sale 75%
HoPiKo Spotlight Sale 80%
Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Spotlight Sale 60%
No Man’s Sky Spotlight Sale 50%
SIMULACRA Spotlight Sale 35%
Sleepin’ Deeply Spotlight Sale 65%
Squad Killer Spotlight Sale 50%
Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe Spotlight Sale 60%
The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker Spotlight Sale 50%
The Journey Down: Chapter 3 Spotlight Sale 75%
The Journey Down: Chapter One Spotlight Sale 75%
The Journey Down: Chapter Two Spotlight Sale 75%
Titan Chaser Spotlight Sale 25%
World War Z – Explorer Weapon Skin Pack Spotlight Sale 35%
World War Z: Aftermath – Zeke Hunter Weapons Pack Spotlight Sale 35%
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – XBS|X Spotlight Sale 50%

Interested in any of these offers? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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